Customer Reviews

“The food here does not taste like it was delivered in a refrigerated freight truck. It tastes like it’s made in a real Mexican home kitchen. The atmosphere is cozy too. It’s a comforting place to go and enjoy a meal with my grandmother. The service and variety are awesome. Delicioso! Highly reccomended!”

Joe C; Port Richey, Fl

“I was raised in an old fashioned home, so I have a strong preference for foods that taste and smell like they’re made from scratch. You don’t have to be an expert to see that this place keeps the food authentic.”

Gina R; Spring Hill, Fl

“I’ve been coming here for 5+ years, and it’s always clean in here, and the food is tasty. ”

Captain J.; Spring Hill, Fl

“Definitely my favorite place in Spring Hill. I’ve been coming here for two years. Keep it up!”

Donna Logan.; Spring Hill, Fl

“Always fresh and good! The service is fast and friendly. We’ll miss you when we move. ”

Stacy Kirk.; Spring Hill, Fl

“Best in town. Keep up the good work! ”

Len and Maria Urso; Spring Hill, Fl

“Me encanta este restaurante. Todo me encanta! ”

Juan Toja.; Spring Hill, Fl

“I’ve been coming her for 10 years. ”

M. O’connell; Spring Hill, Fl

“The food is consistently flavorful. I love the variety of dishes. The service is friendly and they make you feel welcomed. ”

Linda Mezger; Spring Hill, Fl

“The servers are courteous and eager to please. The food is served fresh and hot, and the flavors blend wonderfully. Thank you! ”


“I’ve been coming here for 3 years. The food is excellent and presented beautifully–best in Spring Hill. ”

Ralph S. Thornburg; Spring Hill, Fl

“The food tastes wonderful; these are by far the best fajitas I’ve had. ”

anonymous; Spring Hill, Fl